Oil and Gas Division of PT DAHANA (Persero) in January 2019 was assigned for Seismic Pre-loading Work by EMP Bentu Ltd. Dahana served as sub-contractor of Gelombang Seismik Indonesia (GSI) located at Block Bentu, Regency of Pelalawan, Riau.

Arif Hidayat, Assistant Manager for Customer Relations of PT Dahana (Persero)’s Oil and Gas Division told dFile that Seismic Pre-loading Service was one activity of seismic surveys. The pre-loading work covered application of Dayagel Seismic sets into the shotpoints during the Seismic Survey.

Seismic Survey functions to find natural resource availability by means of vibration resulting from a blast on a certain location.

“Explosive inserted into the Shotpoint serves as source of vibration. After the blasting process, vibration resulting from the explosion is recorded by a special recorder called ‘geophone’. The recorded data provide soil layer characteristics for further analysis by our clients that the use for process of finding soil layers with hydrocarbon potentials,” said Arif Hidayat.

Arif added that the process included quality control for condition of shotpoints. Loading of explosive into the shotpoints and tumping (filling of shotpoints).
The project that has been running for about two weeks has managed to pre-load 291 shotpoints. DAHANA planned to make pre-loading for 2,214 Shotpoint with an average progress of 60 shotpoints each day. The two week progress was considered satisfactory by clients Progress.

“Thanks God, everything ran well. Our January work progress has been approved by our client,” added Arif.

Despite the fact that the work was an initial project of its kind to DAHANA, the Company succeeded in handling the site challenge. Arif was assisted by Yuda Setiadi who had some related experience with the General Mining Division Job Site under a support of trained team. The team had been involved in on job training for 3D seismic project at KSO Pertamina EP – Techwin South Betung.

“This time, the challenge lies in the lithology of SP. The average lithology here is characterized by sand-gravel layer that can easily collapse during boring. To overcome that, we have to do some washing out to clean the collapsed sand before we apply polymer liquid to strengthen the walls as to prevent the soil from collapsing After that we proceed with pre-loading,” concluded Arif. (YQ)