MarkPlus, Inc. and Markeeters were back with their signature Indonesia Markeeters Festival (IMF), which is simply a party for sales, service and promotion communities.

In 2018, it was the 6th IMF event. The event was held in Bandung, which was the fifteenth  city of the seventeen major cities in Indonesia in IMP roadshow agenda. In this capital of West Java Province, IMF brought the team of ‘Marketing di Zaman Now’ (‘current time marketing’), under the tagline of  Indonesia Wow!, Bandung Now!

Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus Inc., Hermawan Kartajaya, said that IMF was there to bring attractive insight and strategy on positive sales during the unpredictable economic condition.

“IMF themes are packed with  current and trending issues, such as technology disruption, simultaneous regional government election and the signs of heated political situation in anticipation to the forthcoming year national general election. All of the themes are presented in the concept called Entrepreneurial Marketing Compass and Canvas dan Citizen 4.0,” explained Hermawan.

The event that took place at the Hotel Grand Mercure Bandung was attended and officially opened by the West Java Province Governor, Ahmad Heryawan. The governor also delivered the awards for Marketeer of The Year, Bandung 2018.

The awards were presented to outstanding marketing individuals who were considered to have made great contribution in terms of the marketing world.

“Marketeers must get engaged in innovation and breakthroughs within their respective sectors, while open other people’s eyes that nothing is impossible when one is determined to working in a more productive, innovative and decent manner,” said Hermawan Kertajaya.

“The steps and achievements have resulted and better improvement in many industrial sectors and allowed them to make each year as The Year of Change Maker, ” he added.

Budi Antono Was Awarded ‘Markeeter of the Year Bandung 2018’

14 Individuals were awarded with Markeeter of the Year Bandung 2018, one of which was Budi Antono, President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero).

The State-owned Enterprise producing explosives was awarded with Markeeter of the Year Bandung 2018 for Resources & Mining sector. Budi was grateful of the award.

“One if the assessment criteria is 2017 performance compared to that of 2016 (audited report). All elements enjoyed a hike : revenue, net profit, asset, and so forth. This suggests that Dahana is exceptional. All the Commissioners, Directors and employees deserve the awards of Marketing Champion 2018. One Team One goal. We hope that we can gain more success in 2018. Amen! “ said Budi Antono.

Previously, in 2014, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director F. Harry Sampurno, who is currently a deputy at the State-owned Enterprises Mininstry, received the same  award. (SYA).