PT DAHANA (Persero) again got the trust for blasting service at the site of GMT-BRE Rantau, in South Kalimantan. The project started in Desember 2017 for necessary preparation, while initial blasting was done on Tuesday, 9 January 2018.
Agung Prionegoro, Customer Relations Manager for South Kalimantan Region told Dfile that the geological condition of GMT-BRE was not difficult. The mining site is not very far and therefore it is not difficult for Dahana to conduct operation in the site.
Products used by Dahana for blasting in this area were Ammonium Nitrate (AN), Dayagel, and Non-electric Dayadet, and Electric Detonator for Initiation Point (IP). DAHANA also provided drilling & blasting and therefore the entire drilling and blasting operation at the site was under DAHANA’s responsibility. One unit of Drilling Sandvik Ranger DX800 with the diameter of 5 inch,  one unit of Anvo truck and two units of LV were used.

During the first three months of the project, GMT has placed high trust to DAHANA with regards to blasting work. Vibration, which resulted from unstable slope at the low wall side, was an issue under focus of BRE as owner. It was DAHANA’s job to complete and GMT trusted the blasting design prepared by DAHANA. Actually, during the first three months of the project, no vibration issue was detected, with satisfactory blasting result.
With regards to the challenge faced by DAHANA, Agung said, “BRE as owner finds it necessary to make a comparation on its contractor’s blasting work, either from operational or blasting terms. DAHANA’s presence at BRE, equipped with the experience from Adaro site, with a back up of three ex. Adaro personnel, has made it possible for implementation of Adaro K3 operational procedure at BRE site,” he said.
Agung also said that daily evaluation was taken after each blasting, adding that the solid team, with good cooperation and communication has resulted in excellent achievement in Dahana’s operation. “And thanks God, after three months, DAHANA and the project received a positive award from BRE, as GMT said, “If you want to see good blasting, see DAHANA’s blasting”,” Agung said. (yq)