In 2022 DAHANA will see its 56th anniversary. Beyond half a century, the Company has made many developments and progress with more and more challenges to be faced ahead. The Committee launched the Logo and Theme for the DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary entitled ‘Collaboration in Innovation’.  which was inaugurated by the President Director of DAHANA, Wildan Widarman on Monday, September 5, 2022.

In his remarks Mr Widarman said that at the age of 56, DAHANA has gone through many things, such as the rapid development and progress experiences. According to Mr Widarman this is the result of the all DAHANA people’s spirit of collaboration and innovation. He also expresses his appreciation to DAHANA’s people for the innovations made in various sectors, including technology, business processes, and other innovations.

“In the future we will be facing even greater challenges and therefore we must face this together by increasing the spirit of collaboration both internally and externally, not only by means of creative collaboration between generations in the company, but also collaboration with other parties. Building synergies, building strategic partnerships and building strategic alliances,” said Mr Widarman.

Mr Widarman added that that DAHANA’s existence as one of the explosives industries in Indonesia needs to be further enhanced with new innovations demonstrated out of the spirit of collaboration. The spirit of positive collaboration can give birth to various innovations. Strong collaboration will also increase the spirit of beneficial innovation and eventually lead the Company to grow and advance in serving the country better.

Wildan explained that ‘collaboration in innovation’ means a collaborative effort to explore and develop each other’s potential in order to achieve a common goal. This is in line with AKHLAK values ​​as core values. DAHANA’s people need a mandate to uphold the trust given, develop themselves to be competent in a harmonious way. This is done by caring for each other and respecting differences, being loyal with dedication, being adaptive by continuing to innovate and collaboratively building good positive synergy.

“Therefore, in DAHANA’s 56th anniversary, let us collaborate in innovation in all fields for our progress: the progress of DAHANA, the progress of the nation, and the State of Indonesia. Finally, I am Wildan Widarman, President Director of DAHANA, hereby inaugurate the logo and theme for DAHANA’s 56th Anniversary, namely Collaboration in Innovation. DAHANA be Excellent!,” concluded Mr Widarman.

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