PT DAHANA was present with DEFEND ID at the Jakarta Geopolitical Forum (JGF) 2023 was held by the Indonesian National Defense Institute (Lemhannas) at Hotel Borobudur in Jakarta, 14-15 June 2023. The forum raised the theme of “Asean’s Future: Addressing the Region’s Geo-Maritime Rifts” and was attended by representatives of ASEAN countries.

In his remark, Governor of Lemhannas Andi Widjajanto, conveyed that southern countries, especially ASEAN, should not be trapped in the raging rivalry of the world’s major countries, be it America, Russia, or China. In his opinion, the southern countries have a great chance of becoming a new great power.

“We, Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries in the southern part of the world are forced to choose the US block, the Chinese block, or the Russian block. We must find a breakthrough to make sure we are not trapped in such strategic rivalries. I hope that the during the Jakarta Geopolitical Forum this time we can find very strategic and operational solutions so that we can offer our government to implement in strengthening the stability of our region,” said Mr Widjajanto.

Mr Widjajanto also emphasized that JGF was held to anticipate competition among countries in managing global connectivity and supply chains in ASEAN. He also mentioned that ASEAN countries have found it difficult to collaborate lately despite the fact that the world is currently in a complex situation of interdependence.

Meanwhile, the Co-ordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan as the keynote speaker at the 2023 Jakarta Geopolitical Forum (JGF) hoped that Lemhannas could conduct collaborative studies with regional partners to build maritime connectivity.

“In this forum, Lemhannas invites experts and policy makers in the maritime field from ASEAN countries. It is my hope that collaboration can be followed by conducting joint studies to build Southeast Asian maritime connectivity that can integrate our economy in the global supply chain,” said the Minister Pandjaitan.

In a separate occasion, the President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman congratulated Lemhannas for holding JGF 2023. He hoped that this forum could strengthen solidarity and collaboration among participating countries, especially ASEAN. DAHANA is also ready to support the energy material supply chain in the region.

“In line with AKHLAK’s core values, DAHANA continues to encourage collaborative efforts to achieve common goals. In addition, together with the DEFEND ID Defense Industry SOE holding, DAHANA is prepared to become an energetic material supply chain in the region,” said Mr Widarman.

In addition to the discussion forums, JGF 2023 also offers an exhibition hall where DAHANA participated with display of commercial and military explosive products such as Dabex, Danfo, Dawagel, Dayagel Extra, Non Electric Detonators, while in the line of defense products there are the Bomb P Series, Danfour Plastic Explosive, Weapons Against Tanks, Manpads Merapi, to Rajata’s loitering munitions.