One of DAHANA’s millennials, Aidil Perwira was selected to be part of the volunteers for SOEs Dedication Batch IV Year of 2023. Armed with AKHLAK’s core values, Aidil along with nine other volunteers from different SOEs were assigned to serve the people of Sukorejo Village, in Sragen, Central Java, from August 15 to 17, 2023.

The Ministry of SOE’s has successfully implemented a series of SOEs Dedication Volunteer programs. In each batch, volunteers who are SOEs employees are deployed to service points to directly work with and help the community directly. Quoted from Antara, SOE’s Minister Erick Thohir conveyed a message to SOEs Dedication Bakti Volunteers:

“The Ministry of SOEs encourages SOEs employees to always implement AKHLAK, not only in the office environment, but also in the community wherever they are, so that SOEs’ dedication can be truly benefited by the community, not only through SOEs as a corporation, but also in direct contribution to the community,” said Minister Thohir.

This year the program was conducted in different 10 points namely Meunasah-Aceh, Pandeglang-Banten, Sukabumi-West Java, Sragen-Central Java, Kulonprogo-Jogja Specil Region, Malang-East Java, Penglipuran-Bali, Lombok, Namlea-Maluku, and Jayapura-Papua involving 100 volunteers who are employees of 54 SOEs.

Mr Perwira conveyed that the SOEs involved in Sragen consisted of 10 companies namely DAHANA, BTN, MANDIRI, ASKRINDO, PLN, KAI, TASPEN, PEGADAIAN, INALUM, and TELKOM. In Sragen the SOEs Dedication Volunteer team planted durian trees, partnered with Shopee to assist the digitalization of MSMEs, taught financial literacy and English to elementary school students, and to the culture of Keroncong Wayang or ‘Congyang’.

He also said that while serving in Sukorejo Village, Sragen, he earned a couple of interesting experiences and lessons that made him a better person in accordance with AKHLAK’s core values which were intensified by the Ministry of SOEs. There he could collaborate well with other SOEs, the private sector, the local government, and the community to learn together.

“I am very grateful to be part of the SOEs volunteer team for the Sragen location. Being a volunteer makes me more grateful and aware that I can always help others. Meeting new people makes our knowledge even more updated,” said Mr Perwira.

In addition to that, Mr Perwira said that he became more intimate and blended with volunteers from other SOEs’ while experiencing the spirit of collaboration. Even though the program was short with a tight busy schedule, Mr Perwira the time to exchange ideas with other SOEs colleagues, either for volunteer work or to talk about work. He also advised DAHANA’s other millennials that volunteer activities can be an alternative to refreshing the body and mind after a busy day at work.