In order to support the success of the People’s Market and SOE MSME Bazaar held by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), DAHANA Millennials worked to assist the committee. The event, which was created to help restore the national economy, was held at Pandapa Paramarta, Kuningan Regency, Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Janitra Yoga Indratama, one of DAHANA’s millennials, said that during the events of the People’s Market and MSME Bazaar, the millennial team was assigned with welcoming VIP guests, helping provide basic necessities, and introducing MSME products to the public.

“We were also assigned with bridging the dialogue process between representatives of local MSME partners, with the Special Staff of the Minister of SOEs and the Regent of Kuningan with regarding to the support of the Ministry of SOEs for the progress of MSMEs. During this activity, Mr. Arya also gave directions allowing the SOEs millennials to work together to help promote local MSMEs, by increasing the purchasing power and independence of MSMEs,” said Mr Indratama.

Mr Indratama also said that DAHANA had recruited five millennials including himself. They are Indratama himself, Edberg Boby, Mega, Aswad Tanjung, and Angga Andriyo Putra. Mr Indratama said that with such direct involvement, millennials have the chance to experience the benefits of the presence of SOEs in helping local MSMEs.

Apart from that, collaboration between millennials can also be maintained in a cohesive way by working hand in hand to provide the best service to the community. Mr Indrtama also admitted that he could improve his network of relationships with other SOE millennials, so that they could exchange experiences and opinions that further enrich their horizons.

“It is my hope that the event can continue, not just once or twice, with different and certainly more interesting nuances of programs. This can be an annual routine agenda of the Ministry of SOEs by cooperating with other SOEs, especially with millennials to continue to provide positive benefits for the community for the presence of SOEs around them in accordance with the slogan of SOEs for Indonesia,” added Mr Indratama.

PT DAHANA, is an explosives company which really cares about the millennial generation. Apart from sending out activities for the Ministry of SOEs, DAHANA also has a millennial organization called Youth ExploSive (YES) which actively organizes the Tuesday weekly Millenial Talks, and contributes to various activities for the advancement of the company or the community.