After tight selection and judgment process from February to May 2018, the West Java Provincial Office for Investment and Integrated Service (WJPOIIS) announced the best provincial service offices and company of 2018, as specified in West Java Governor Decree Number 002.6/Kep.517-BKD/2018 on Confirmation of the best Regional/Municipal Investment and Integrated Service Offices and Foreign Investment Companies in West Java.

The Head of West Java Province Office for Investment and Integrated Services, Dadang Mohamad, said that the assessment of regional service offices and companies is simply a form of government’s appreciation towards the regional service offices and companies that have successfully developed conducive investment climate to investors in terms of investment security, convenience and service excellence, as well as towards companies which have complied with the related issues on realization of investment.

“Such good work will motivate and improve higher interest for investment and investors’ compliance which will in turn bring a macro impact against sustainable economy, labor absorption, higher capacity and competition and improvement of people’s economy and welfare,” said Dadang Mohamad. 

Dadang also said that the assessment process was under the backup of elements from the central government, and related associations and academicians. 25 Regental and Municipal Investment and Integrated Service Offices along with 28 domestic and foreign investment companies  participated in the assessment. 

The West Java Provincial Government, represented by its Office for Investment and Integrate Services, announced and delivered the awards at Hotel El Royale, on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. The awards came in four categories namely Best Regental Investment and Integrated Service Office, Best Municipal Investment and Integrated Service, Best Foreign Investment Company and Best Domestic Investment Company. Each category offered 5 awards of excellence.

One of the awardees was this Subang state-owned enterprise producing explosive, namely  PT DAHANA (Persero) which was named as Third Place of Best Domestic Investment Company.

For DAHANA, the award added to the other awards that the Company already, which was actually closely related to DAHANA’s CSR PKBL Team. According to DAHANA’s CSR PKBL Team,  Eman Suherman, DAHANA had previously received similar award from the Regental Investment and Integrated Service Office.

“DAHANA has previously been awarded with the title of the best CSR Program, and now we get third place of the similar award by the provincial government. This suggests that DAHANA has excellent performance as recognized by others, and direct contribution to the people’s economy elevation and improvement of the environment,” said Eman.

The Award was directly delivered to PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Director of Finance and Human Resource Asmorohadi in the occasion of award delivery to 20 other awardees. (SYA)