SUBANG – PT DAHANA’s President Director, Wildan Widarman bid Vice President Energetic Material Center (EMC) Benny Gunawan farewell. Mr Gunawan  is entering the Retirement Preparation Period (MPP). The farewell event entitled Paturay Tineung was attended by the Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR Ahyanizzaman, echelon I and II officials and employees at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium, Subang on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Widarman said that Mr Gunawan was one of the best employees of the explosives company. Mr Gunawan’s excellent performance has made the Company transform into an advanced and growing company.

“Thank you for the dedication of Mr. Gunawan who has given his energy and thoughts for 28 years for the development of DAHANA. He has witnessed the company’s transformation, and has given rise to many innovations when leading the Energetic Material Center. Congratulations on entering retirement preparation. I hope Mr Gunawan will always be healthy and successful wherever he is,” said Mr Widarman.

Benny Gunawan, who started his career at DAHANA in 1995, has also had a lot of experience with the explosives company. Starting as a member of the blasting unit, Mr Gunawan’s career at DAHANA took off so fast. Owing to his work and innovation, Mr Gunawan was appointed as SM Engineering & Production in 2007, and became GM DTU-2 in 2011. In 2017, Mr Gunawan was assigned as the Company’s head the Energetic Material Center (EMC) Department, and along with the change in organizational nomenclature, Mr Gunawan became Vice President of EMC in 2022.

During his tenure at EMC, Mr Gunawan led a number of strategic cooperation projects for development of explosive products, both commercial and military explosives. Apart from that, Mr Gunawan frequently receives visits from the public, academics, and explosives policy makers who wish to study DAHANA’s superior products.

Despite the fact that he has held many positions and achieved achievements, Benny remains a humble person. In his farewell speech, he asked he not to be remembered as a superior.

“I don’t want to be remembered as a boss or leader, I want my friends to remember me for things I have done that others find them beneficial to DAHANA,” said Mr Gunawan.


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