One of DAHANA’s flagship products is the Non-Electric Detonator with the Dayadet brand that is produced in Subang. Owing to its reliable technology, Dayadet offers excellent performance for open pit or underground blasting operations, quarries, and civil works. This product is reliable for its high strength with precise and accurate pyrotechnic timing delays in term additional delay selection or among blasting patterns.


Benefitting from the complete facilities available at the Energetic Material Center (EMC), PT DAHANA continues to innovate products supported by technology and experienced skilled workers. Currently, DAHANA provides Dayadet which can be customized according to consumer needs. There are six block tubes which are colored according to the required delay time.


“We continue to innovate to improve the quality of DAHANA’s products,” said Bambang Agung, Director of Operations of PT DAHANA during his visit of PT AEL (African Explosives Limited) Indonesia and PT Kaltim Prima Coal at the DAHANA Campus, Subang.


On Monday, May 23, 2022, PT AEL Indonesia and PT Kaltim Prima Coal paid a visit to PT DAHANA in order to strengthen cooperation among the companies. PT AEL Indonesia and PT Kaltim Prima Coal are customers who entrust DAHANA’s explosives product services for their mining activities.


Up to the present time, Dayadet Non-Electric Detonator has been trusted by various mining companies throughout Indonesia, and even becomes one of export commodities, with Johnex Explosives Australia being one of the exporters. Product customization according to blasting time is one of the advantages of Dayadet products.


Apart from that, upon inauguration of the Elemented Detonator factory by President Joko Widodo in the series of DEFEND ID inauguration on April 20 in Surabaya, DAHANA has officially manufactured Elemented Detonators independently and is able to increase the Domestic Content Level (TKDN).


“Independent factory ownership also enables us to reduce imports in the explosives industry, so that it can increase income for the national explosives mecca, and of course improve the Indonesian economy,” concluded Mr Agung.