In support to clean and sustainable Subang, PT DAHANA donated grass trimmers to the Subang Regency Environmental Service and the community of farmer groups around Tatar Sunda. The donation was symbolically given by the Corporate Secretary of PT DAHANA Bayu Anggoro to the Head of the Subang Regency Environmental Service H. Hidayat. The handover was carried out in a series of activities for planting 5,000 trees from DEFEND ID Holding at Talaga Sunda Subang, Thursday, May 19, 2022.


Mr Anggoro said that this assistance came from the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) team of PT DAHANA to help make sure that the 5,000 tree seedlings provided by the DEFEND ID holding could be well maintained. Mr Anggoro hoped that the CSR program is not only ceremonial, but sustainable with its maintenance.


“This assistance is a form of support for environmental conservation in Subang Regency in a sustainable manner for plant maintenance following the tree planting program,” said Mr Anggoro.


The Subang Regency Government is currently promoting a program of planting three million trees to go green and help deal with the emerging climate change. In the process, the tree planting must be supported by a maintenance system to ensure the plants survive and grow.


Mr Anggoro also conveyed that PT DAHANA in each of its CSR programs always uses the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is realized by the company to make sure that the CSR programs can provide great benefits to the community, especially the Subang Regency.


“This year, DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility program also focuses on the environment, education, and community MSME development. In addition to providing seedling trees and maintenance equipment, last year, DAHANA also participated in planting mangrove trees on the North Coast of Subang Regency,” added Mr Anggoro.


Apart from that, DAHANA is also listed as a company that provides capital assistance to maggot cultivators in Subang. In addition to improving the people’s economy, maggot cultivation is also expected to help the ecosystem clean the environment, because maggot feed supplies are obtained from household waste.


DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) program is committed to moving forward together with the Subang community. Mr Anggoro added that he, as chairman of the Subang Regency SER Forum, would support the Subang Regency government to advance in the fields of the environment, education, and the MSME economy.


“Hopefully DAHANA’s assistance can be of optimum benefit so that in the future, our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the green and cool Subang,” concluded Mr Anggoro.