Friday, March 15, 2019, the Ministry of SOEs held a PKBL BUMN Program Workshop for SOE’s Community Partnership and Development Program, the Ballroom, Garden Permata Hotel Bandung., Hundreds of participants attended representing 120 state-owned enterprises.

Dewi Ariyanti, Deputy Assistant of TJSL of Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, said that the given event did not serve only as a chance for gathering SOE’s Community Partnership and Development program activists, but also for building synergy as dictated by the theme that says “Synergy in Building the Country through activities of Community Partnership and Development”.

“It is our hope that we can synergize the community partnership and development programs either within each of SOE or with those initiated by the ministry of State-Owned Enterprises,” said Dewi Ariyanti during her speech. (3/15/2019)

With the synergy of PKBL, Dewi hoped that the PKBL goals could be more emphasized with bigger benefits for environment and community. One form of the synergy of the Community Partnership and Development program with that of the ministry is SOE Presence for the Country (BHUN). “In 2019 the said program will be the 4th yearly program to be held,” she said.

“Some of the BUHN’s programs have been benefited by community members, and therefore this year we hope that BUHN will be able to get give more benefits to the community,” hoped Dewi.

The Workshop was also held in a discussion format with two discussion sessions in the program. During the first discussion session, the Community Partnership and Development synergy program was discussed in the BUHN program. The discussion made the decision for a plan for BHUN programs to be held this year such as Students Get to Know the Archipelago, Commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Safari Ramadhan, Free Homecoming Travel, Christmas Commemoration, and the Commemoration of the 21st Anniversary of the Ministry of SOEs.

Meanwhile, during second session, the committee presented two state-owned companies to share their Community Partnership and Development program success story; namely PT Bukit Asam and PT DAHANA (Persero). The presence of DAHANA in this session was because due to the fact that explosive producing company excelled in its CSR program.

The Director of Finance & HR Asmorohadi was present to share about the Community Partnership and Development programs that had been implemented so far. In the year 2018, the DAHANA CSR program received appreciation and achievements at the Regency, Provincial and National levels.

During the occasion Asmorohadi also explained that basically the Community Partnership and Development or CSR programs carried out by DAHANA were not much different from other SOOE’s similar programs, such as the distribution of natural disaster assistance, health improvement, construction of public infrastructure and facilities, facilities for worship, education and training, nature conservation, and social community.
“In view of programs in the field of assistance, we focused on three excellent programs that are considered very much needed by the community such as the provision of clean water facilities, educational facilities & infrastructure, and health improvement with community service,” he said.
DAHANA’s success in Community Partnership and Development was inseparable from the improved CSR distribution program which was right on target. This also implied in the positive image of DAHANA in the community and the media.
“We are highly aware that Dahana has not allocated large amount of fund for CSR funds because this must be in accordance with existing regulations. But we optimize the funds to be right on target. Our CSR programs must have the direct benefit to the community. The community can finally feel the presence of DAHANA. SOE is present for the country, “said Asmorohadi.