Director of Finance & Human Resources of PT DAHANA (Persero) Asmorohadi accompanied by Corporate Secretary Rina Erita paid a visit to Kampung Ilmu (Knowledge Village) Tegal Waru, in Purwakarta, West Java on Saturday, February 27, 2021. This visit was in response to an invitation from the Deputy Assistant for Social and Environmental Responsibility,  Minister of State-owned Enterprises Agus Suharyono.


Agus Suharyono explained that Kampung Ilmu Tegal Waru, which was built in Cisarua Village, in Tegalwaru District, Purwakarta, stands on an area of ​​50,407 square meters. This area will be an integrated space between formal and informal education. Kampung Ilmu Tegal Waru itself was initiated by Iman Prasodjo, a sociologist at the University of Indonesia.


“This educational complex development project cannot be separated from the roles of various parties, such as several state-owned companies and some other government agencies,” said Agus.


He continued  that the name name Kampung Ilmu itself is a term for a modern education complex that originated from the construction of the Tegal Waru State Vocational High School (SMKN). The school building was then designed to be integrated with the learning centers for use by the local communities.


During his visit to Kampung Ilmu Tegal Waru, DAHANA’s Director of Finance & HR Asmorohadi said he was amazed by the construction of this integrated educational complex. Asmorohadi highly appreciated the parties involved in the development project of Kampung Ilmu Tegal Waru.


“The  establishment of an educational complex here is expected to help improve the quality of education for the surrounding community, especially those in Purwakarta,” said Asmorohadi.


Asmorohadi continued, this was similar to DAHANA who has built DAHANA Reading Gardens or Taman Canda. The Taman Canda which is located at Jl. Raya Subang – Cikamurang km. 12, Cibogo, Subang is an area that combines the concept of edutainment. In Taman Canda, there is a community reading facility that is organized under the collaboration with with Balai Pustaka, Museum of Explosives (IMEX), Play Land for children’s play areas and the latest, free wifi corner.


“Taman Canda management has been working in collaboration with several parties to organize joint events such as competitions for students from children’s level to high school. During the implementation of the 2020 DAHANA CSR Week, for instance, the committee held a Cheerful Week at Taman Canda in collaboration with the local pre-school associations and KKG of Cibogo Subang District, “concluded Asmorohadi. (Rmt)