DAHANA exhibited its flagship explosives products in the Oil & Gas sector such as Dayagel Seismic. This explosive with the dominant red color is applied for seismic survey activities to search for oil. This was conveyed by DAHANA’s Commercial Products Customer Relations Manager Muty Desrini at the Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA) Convention and Exhibition which was held from 24-27 July 2023, at ICE BSD, Tangerang.

Miss Desrini said that Dayagel Seismic comes in two packaging sizes, namely 500 gr and 250 gr. This product has a high VOD (Velocity of Detonation) with a longer service life. Its rigid HDPE plastic cartridge packaging with strong screw coupling allows flexibility in setting charge per hole as required in the field and can be planted in wet shooting hole conditions. Apart from that, Dayagel Seismic has been designed in such a way that it is safe for use in the field.

“The water-in-oil structure, which is formulated from non-explosive raw materials, makes it sensitive to very low mechanical impacts so it is safe to handle in the field. In addition, Dayagel Seismic is also non-flammable and can only be initiated using a detonator (primary high explosive),” explained Miss Desrini.

Dayagel Seismic is characterized with an excellent emulsion structure, making it suitable for use in seismic operations in remote areas, thereby reducing risks in transportation activities to seismic locations.

“These explosives have been widely used by domestic companies and exported to various parts of the world. Another advantage of this explosive is its Domestic Content Level (TKDN) which reaches 68.15%,” added Miss Desrini.

Apart from offering explosive products such as Dayagel Seismic, DAHANA also provides a variety of services to support seismic activities, ranging from the construction and management of warehouses, licensing, accessories, transportation, seismic preloading services, to the disposal of explosives/disposal.