PT DAHANA’s Commissioners made a working visit to the Semen Padang Site to strengthen cooperation and review the continuity of DAHANA’s business at the Semen Padang Project Site. The Commissioners consisted of Wahyudi Hidayat, Rina Moreta, Rizky Olyvia who were accompanied by the Director of Operations Yusep Nugraha and GM of the Quarry & Construction Division Setio Budhianto. The entourage was received by the Director of Operations of PT Semen Padang Indrieffouny Indra on Monday, 16 October 2023, at Semen Padang, West Sumatra.

Mr Hidayat expressed his gratitude to PT Semen Padang for establishing good cooperation with PT DAHANA. He hoped that the communication that had existed so far between the two companies can continue to develop.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to PT Semen Padang for collaborating with DAHANA. We hope that this collaboration can be maintained and continue to improve, so that in the future, both DAHANA and Semen Padang will grow and progress together,” said Mr Hidayat.

Besides Mr Indra, other Semen Padang officials present included the Head of the Semen Padang Mining Department Sumarsono, the Head of Semen Padang Mining Engineering Hendri Priparis, the Semen Padang Drilling Blasting & Mining Service Manager Yadi Ismondra, the Semen Padang Mine HSE & Reclamation Manager Imrisal.

Collaborative work between Semen Padang and DAHANA began to be re-established in 2015. At that time DAHANA was trusted to carry out Down the Hole Services. Then in 2021, DAHANA received a service upgrade with the duty for blasting services. In July 2023, the company that is the mecca for explosives Indonesia also obtained a drilling & blasting Services contract from Semen Padang.

At the Semen Padang Site, PT DAHANA demonstrated its reliability with experienced and reliable human resources and powerful explosives used. This is proven by the awards received by DAHANA people at Semen Padang, including Best Mining Services Company (PJP), Best Person-in-Charge of Operations (PJO), and Best Emergency Response Team Simulation in the Mining & Raw Materials Management Department of PT Semen Padang. Mr Hidayat also appreciated the performance of his team at the Semen Padang Jobsite.

“Thank you, fellow DAHANA employees who have dedicated themselves to Semen Padang and continue to maintain the superior performance of colleagues and give the best to Semen Padang for further future benefit,” concluded Mr Hidayat.

In addition to reviewing the business continuity of the DAHANA’s Semen Padang Project Jobsite, DAHANA’s Commissioners also directly inspected the blasting activities, visited the On Site Plant (OSP) location, and listened to the performance achievements of DAHANA employees at the Semen Padang site.