DAHANA 57th Anniversary Committee organized a Fun Cooking event to enliven DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility (SER) Week 2023. This event pitted cooking skills among the Company’s directorates. The first Fun Cooking event went lively with cheering supporters at Saung Kopi DAHANA, Subang, Wednesday, 18 October 2023.

Suhendra Yusuf RPN, DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development and Fun Cooking judge, expressed how happy he was. This is because DAHANA’s people, apart from being good at mixing explosives, are also good at mixing cooking spices. He also appreciated the committee for coming up with the Fun Cooking idea.

“We would like to thank the PT DAHANA 57th Anniversary Committee who creatively initiated the Fun Cooking competition. This was very interesting; it turns out that the gentlemen from echelons I to III of DAHANA are not only skilled at making superior explosives, but are also good at preparing food,” said Mr Yusuf.

From this competition, the Directorate of Technology and Development Team consisting of Tris Satriana, M. Surya Nugraha, Harto Setyo Andre Hermawan, and Fahni Irfansyah won the cooking contest, followed by the Team of the Directorate of Finance, MR & HCM who brought Riza Rahman, Cecep AF , Tantan Sutarman, Afga Grahadhika.

Meanwhile, 3rd place was secured by the General Directorate consisting of Sudirjo Heru, Juli Jajuli, Rahmat Suhara, and Ismail Kurbani. The Technology and Development Directorate Team and Finance both served capcay, while the General Directorate Team served fried rice.

“Wow, that cooking competition was really exciting. It requires good cooperation. This is a group cooking; not individual cooking. Someone needs to lead and distributes jobs such as who prepares the ingredients, who organizes the spices, and who is the main chef. Fun Cooking also teaches us that men can cook too,” said Mr Satriana.

In addition to Fun Cooking, the third day of DAHANA’s SER Week was also filled with environmental action in the form of planting fruit trees by in the Company’s nursey by DAHANA millennials DAHANA Millennials planted 40 of the 500 trees that were planned to be planted in the future.