Collaboration among SOEs continues to be enhanced between DAHANA and Semen Tonasa. This collaboration was strengthened with the visit of Rezky Tri Mulyono, Head of the Planning and Supervision Section of the Tonasa Mine, to the DAHANA Subang Campus on Friday, 11 June 2021.


As a mecca for explosives in Indonesia, DAHANA has never stopped innovation,  including in terms of cement mining technology innovation. Semen Tonasa is one of DAHANA’s consumers who have proven the ability of Dawagel, DAHANA’s newest innovation product in the quarry sector mining.


Dawagel is a brand name of DAHANA’s products for watergel explosives in the form of bulk explosives. Dawagel Products are applied by using DAHANA’s Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) which is capable of producing Bulk Explosives, Dabex, Dawagel and Anfo explosives.


Dawagel products are very useful for replacing Anfo with a density that can be below Anfo and with VOD above Anfo. In addition, this product is capable of coping with borehole conditions with hollow material conditions (cavity) so it is very suitable for use in limestone areas (limestone for the cement industry).


Dawagel is a liquid phase explosive that is characterized by its ability to work with rocks with complex structures. With the technology contained in Dawagel’s products, mining entrepreneurs located on rocks with complex structures can increase productivity while minimizing production costs.


Dawagel and MMT ensure that consumers will feel be satisfied. DAHANA’s Dawagel and MMT products continue to grow because of the consumer’s trust.


“The use of DAHANA’s MMT and explosives at the Tonasa mine is very helpful in field activities, especially during the blasting process. We would like to see firsthand the progress of DAHANA’s MMT readiness for work in PT Semen Tonasa Limestone Mine,” said Rezky.