PT DAHANA’s Corporate Communication Unit released a new program called BuRGer (Rabu Rame-rame Bergerak)– Wednesday Common Workout. The program initiated by DAHANA’s SENIOR (Arts and Sports) division is the company’s effort to maintain the fitness and health of employees. The program, which started for the first time on Wednesday, 9 August 2023, will continue until the fourth week of August 2023.

Senior Manager M Legal and Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli said that this program was a response to the results of the annual Medical Check Up (MCU) which indicated that some of DAHANA’s employees have not regularly exercised or even not exercised at all. Therefore, the unit which manages employee arts and sports activities initiated a joint physical workout to be done on Wednesday evening.

“This program has the goal of, among other things, to accompany employees in doing sports, because sport itself is often considered less attractive. Through this BuRGer, physical workouts are to be done together. Apart from that, this joint activity is also a means of communication and friendship among employees. In fact, on several occasions, DAHANA’s board of directors took part in this activity, thus opening up opportunities for casual discussions with top management,” said Mr Jajuli at the Dahana Campus (25/08/23).

Mr Jajuli added that the new types of sports at BuRGer include walking, jogging and gymnastics. In the future, BuRGer will prepare more types of sports to trigger employee’s enthusiasm in participating in BuRGer.

Jogging, walking and gymnastics activities are taken for 60 minutes every Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 4.30 pm. Subang employees are doing BuRGer by going around the DAHANA Campus, and in Jakarta it takes place at Tebet Eco Park. The Corporate Communication team is currently developing technology tools so that monitoring can reach every employee down to the project site.

Wildan Widarman, the President Director of DAHANA, appreciated this program. He appreciated the steps initiated by Corporate Communication. Mr Widarman said that BuRGer can encourage the health and fitness of employees at work to help elevate productivity.

“BuRGer activities, which include light and inexpensive types of sports, have a beneficial impact if carried out regularly. The benefit for employees is a healthy and strong physical condition. Employee’s fitness carries an important role to increase productivity. We also hope that in future, more and more employees will actively participate in this activity,” said Mr Widarman.

Meanwhile, DAHANA Clinic doctor dr. Kintan Nafasa said that work routines often make employees put aside such exercise. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle or an inactive lifestyle can lead to dangerous risks such as depression, anxiety, and even death.

“Therefore, regular exercise is recommended. Exercise is not only beneficial for health, but also for the productivity and mood of the workers. Many people find it difficult to spend time for exercise in between work and social life. With this BuRGer activity, it is hoped that employees can exercise regularly to improve their health to make sure they stay healthy, fit and productive,” said dr Nafasa.

DAHANA employees in both Subang and Jakarta also welcomed BuRGer. The head of DAHANA’s Youth ExploSive (YES) Adella Acqha Vico Addina thought this activity very interesting, because apart from being healthy it can also strengthen friendship among employees; even amidst BuRGer activities, employees can chat with all DAHANA’s people from management level to BoD.

“For us DAHANA’s young generation, this BuRGer activity can maintain our health and fitness which hopefully will have an impact on our bodies in the future, where we will not get sick easily and always be productive. We also hope that DAHANA’s younger generation will actively participate in this activity,” said Miss Addina.

Meanwhile, Edberg Bobby who was appointed as the PIC of the Jakarta Office BuRGer said that BuRGer’s activities have many benefits, considering that the majority of office workers, especially DAHANA employees, find it difficult to do physical activities due to limited time, demanding work and other factors.

Mr Bobby said that BuRGer program is one of the activities that encourage DAHANA’s employees to start thinking about getting a healthy lifestyle through physically workout and training. He also hoped that sports through this activity will later become a lifestyle for employees.

“Our advice is, in the future, such activities can be varied and set to be done regularly. It is also necessary to provide related education so that employees have greater interest in participating in such activities,” concluded Mr Bobby.