Tens of middle rank officials from the Indonesian Army visited PT DAHANA (Persero), the strategic industry, in Subang, Wednesday, April 18.

The entourage consisted mainly of majors, who were trainees at the Dikreg LVI SeskoAD 2018. The visit was a part of the field trip.

Heri Heriswan, Director of Technology and Development of DAHANA, directly welcomed the 34 trainees. According to the school commander, Suratno, the trainees were part of all the 281 trainees assigned by the school. “While this group visits DAHANA, the other trainees visit other strageic State-owned Enterprises such as PT DI, LEN, Pindad, PT Dok Perkapalan, and Krakatau Steel,” explained Suratno during his speech. (18/4/2018).

The field trip is a part of operational training activities of the military school for better understanding of field application to ensure that all of the trainees get full understanding of application of theories they learn at the training center.

“The visit to PT DAHANA is expected to give the trainees a good understanding on strategic industries in Indonesia,” he explained.

In accordance to the theme of the field trip, which is ‘Encouragement of Independence of State-owned Enterprises strategic industry for support of Indonesian Army’s major duties”, the trainees are expected to get a full comprehension of strategic industry development and give related insights on the major equipment for defense system for effective and efficient use of such use of defense system by the Indonesian Army.

During the visit, the trainees had the chance to get some presentation on development of explosives and their application, a visit to explosive production facility and a session for blasting quality test at the EMC bunker area (SYA)