PT DAHANA (Persero), in collaboration with the cadres of Posyandu (Integrated Service Post) Nusa Indah III in Dukuh neighbourhood , Sadawarna village, Cibogo, Subang Regency, provided  a weighing service and additional nutritional food for children aged under five who living around the company on Monday, September 13, 2021.


According to the Head of TJSL PT DAHANA (Persero) Social Responsibility and Environment Program, Eman Suherman, Dahana for this activity empowered the Posyandu cadres in preparing nutritious supplementary food for toddlers.


“This is one of Dahana’s programs to empower Posyandu cadres so that they can actively take part in supporting the prevention of children malnutrition especially toddlers in Sadawarna village. It starts from the preparation of additional nutritious food to weighing toddlers’ as a way for monitoring of children’s growth, “explained Eman.


This activity also received a positive response from Anggi, the Midwife of Sadawarna village. Anggi said that what Dahana has done needs appreciating and can be replicated by other companies. Providing nutritious food for toddlers, free examination and treatment is one way to help people pay more attention to the health of their families. Some women enthusiastically sought consultation  about the condition of their children.


“With such activities, mothers with toddlers will pay more attention to their children’s growth and development to help make sure that children under five are free from malnutrition,” said midwife Anggi.


As for the Posyandu cadres themselves, this activity is very helpful for them in term of supervision of women and toddlers. Mrs Yeyet, Chair of the Nusa Indah III Posyandu, said that it is common that women hesitate to take their children to the Posyandu. With this activity, women are more encouraged to come and have their children examined while receiving additional nutritious food assistance. “Thank God, all women came to the Posyandu with their children,” said Yeyet.