PT DAHANA (Persero)’s meeting for work plan was completed. The meeting was held in Green Forest Resort Lembang, from 25-26 January 2018, officially opened by Commissioner Saud Usman Nasution representing the President Commissioner. The meeting agenda was focused on the Company’s strategic plan in 2018. 

This 17th meeting, intended for confirmation of implementation of the Company’s Work Plan, was Dahana’s beginning of the year routine attended by the Company’s echelon one to three, with a total of 60 attendees. The meeting is analogized as building a house foundation, which is a start of constructing work for a year ahead.

During his speech,  Saud Usman Nasution thanked Dahana for its good work in 2017, “Despite some unfavorable situation, Dahana was able to make profit,” said Saud Usman.

Usman further said that the good work was attributed to all of Dahana’s elements. In 2018, Dahana would face harder challenge; he hope Dahana’s employee would perform better. “The meeting is somehow crucial during which we can formulize strategies and at the same time serves communication forum among Dahana’s employees and management team,” he added.

Saud Usman also emphasized the need for evaluation of previous year work. He wished everyone would not be satisfied with what had been reached. “We need to move further forward, be more creative and optimistic. By working hand in hand, we will be able to overcome problems in a better way,” Usman said.

Meanwhile, the Committee Chief of 17th Meeting, Wildan Widarman, in discussing the 2017 achievement, said : “In 2017, our sale target was above the plan, amounting to 1.5 trillion rupiah with an increase of asset of 1.5 trillion rupiah. It is also the first time we reached a three-digit net profit achievement,” said Wildan in his report.

Referring to the 2017 achievement, the theme for 2018 meeting was ‘Building Sturdier Foundation for Farther Lean in the Future– Stronger Greater Brighter Future”

According to Wildan, the 2017 achievement was extraordinary. Apart from short term program of 2017, there is also the 2017-2021 long-term with which DAHANA’s sales is targeted to reach the figure of 2 trillion rupiah. “It will simply be a big leap; our net profit should be 200 billion rupiah or more,” said the Deputy for Company’s Plan and Logistics.

“Surely Dahana will grow bigger and bigger in the future. Therefore, we need to define our strategies by building our human resource, finance management, technology and other systems to make sure we have a sturdy pedestal for better execution of such strategies,” he concluded..

During the next session, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director Budi Antono managed to boost up the meeting attendees’ spirit. Using the ‘One Team One Goal’, Budi Antono  is more than optimistic that the designated target will be reached. “We will not only reach our targets; we will get more than our targets,” said Budi Antono.

In his messages, Budi Antono put a stressed that Dahana should strengthen both its upstream and downstream platforms, among others by realizing its Ammonium Nitrate, Elemented Detonator, TNT, HMX and other plants.

Budi also shared the good history notes that DAHANA achieved from 2000 up to the present time. Staggering after the monopoly time, Dahana managed to get back to its feet. “Never forget the history. Dahana’s success has been supported by the way we work hand in hand under the spirit of ‘one team one goal,” explained Budi.

Budi also conveyed his appreciation to  the government that has developed the synergy among the state-owned enterprises. Dahana has been smartly able to respond to this chance by building synergy with other state-owned enterprises.

Dahana has started spread its wings to Australia in the effort of expanding its explosive market in this neighboring country. “Not only do we penetrate more in domestic market; we also start penetrating overseas market,” said Budi Antono.  

The meeting attendees received anotherenlightenment in a special session with Priyantono Rudito, a tourism expert of the state ministry of tourism, on strategic management. Priyanto,  inspired the audience with his experience of working with Telkom and Telkomsel under the theme of ‘building digital leadership to win the disruption era (sya)

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