Tony Wenas, Executive Vice President PT Freeport Indonesia(PTFI) is proud of PT DAHANA (Persero) as expressed during his visit to Dahana’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) production facility in Subang, Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

“Dahana is excellent and well-maintained. We are very proud of such state-owned enterprise like DAHAN,” said Tony Wenas when finalizing his visit at DAHANA.

The Freeport Indonesia’s official visit to DAHANA was welcome by Dahana’s President Director Budi Antono, Operation Director Bambang Agung, and Commissioner Mustar Bona Ventura. According to  
Bambang Agung, the visit was aimed to see DAHANA’s production facility.

“We are offering DAHANA’s blasting products and services. This visit is a part of showing DAHANA’s preparedness for the job,” explained Bambang Agung.

Bambang further said that the current DAHANA is different from the old monopolized DAHANA. As time goes by, DAHANA has grown fast with the necessary innovation and technology. Dahana is now capable of fulfilling various demands for mining blasting.

“In the90’s we made product offer to Freeport, but we were not able to satisfactorily respond to the challenges that Freeport required. Now we are ready,” Bambang Agung confirmed.

During the visit, Freeport entourage had the chance to see the production facilities such as the booster explosive production process, catridge emulsion Dayagel extra plant, non-electric detonator plant and blasting quality test at the bunker.

At the non-electric detonator plant, Tony Wenas had the chance to be engaged in blasting quality test and was awarded Honorary Blaster from Dahana.

Meanwhile, DAHANA’s President Director Budi Antono expressed his high hope that the visit would step further into the collaboration realization. “We were not able to reach come into Freeport. It is my hope that DAHANA’s products and services will be used in Freeport,” said Budi Antono.