The Al Akhdar Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) of PT DAHANA slaughtered two cows and three goats and distributed the meat to communities around the company. The qurban animal slaughter and meat distribution was carried out in the Nursery area of PT DAHANA Subang, Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

Head of DKM Al Akhdar Ismail Kurbani said that the distribution of qurban meat to the surrounding communities is an annual program carried out by DKM management and PT DAHANA employees

“Thank God, this year, apart from supply of qurban animals to various locations in Subang and Tasikmalaya, DKM Al Akhdar also organized independent slaughtering meat which was distributed to PT DAHANA employees and the communities around the Company,” said Mr Kurbani.

He added that the qurban worship is a form of expression of a servant’s faith and devotion to Allah SWT. The distribution of sacrificial animals can also be interpreted as a way of helping each other. For DKM Al Akhdar, the distribution of sacrificial meat is part of PT DAHANA’s commitment to the surrounding environment.

As for the slaughtering and distribution of sacrificial animals, the committee also involved the millennial generation of PT DAHANA as a step to pass on the spirit of caring to the next generation of the Company. From two cows and three goats, the committee managed to collect hundreds of packages of sacrificial meat and distributed them to the community, including traders and motorcycle taxi drivers around the company.

Asep, a motorcycle taxi driver in the Sadawarna area, expressed his gratitude to PT DAHANA for the distribution of sacrificial meat to the surrounding community. He said that the sacrificial meat brings its own happiness to the recipient families in the celebration of Eid al-Adha.

“Once again, thank you to PT DAHANA for distributing sacrificial meat to the surrounding community, happy Eid al-Adha 1445 H, may DAHANA continue to progress,” said Asep.