PT DAHANA innovated by creating fifth generation explosives. The explosives have been utilized in various construction projects, especially for accelerating the development of National Strategic Projects (NSP). This was conveyed by DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN during the 2023 Indonesian Construction Exhibition on Friday, November 3, 2023.

Mr Yusuf said that the need for this innovation stems from the limited use of explosives in the construction sector as the explosives often create concerns with communities around the projects. With the fifth generation explosives technology, DAHANA wants to ensure that the use of explosives in the construction sector can be carried out without many security and discomfort issues within the surrounding community.

“The fifth generation bulk explosives or Dabex is DAHANA’s effort to meet the need for safe and environmentally friendly blasting. The explosives can provide a sense of security for the surrounding community for the fact that within the construction sector, when blasting technology generates problems, it will slow down the project and increase costs,” said Mr Yusuf.

He also informed that there are 4 major important issues with regards to management of impact of blasting in construction projects, namely explosive technology, the ability to provide and operate blasting support equipment, the competence of the blasting team, and a measurable management system to make sure that blasting activities comply with international standards.

The fifth generation Dabex offers the advantage of being applicable in several construction activities such as Bench Blasting & Pre-Split Blasting to create space in the rock mass for construction of roads, pipelines or building foundations where the bench height is adjusted to varied topography of the rock surface.

DAHANA also offers Tunneling, Shaft and Underground Chamber blasting technology which can distribute explosives better to rock masses to avoid damage to tunnels, shafts and underground spaces, and Underwater Blasting and Building Demolition technology.

“DAHANA’s fifth generation explosives have been used in several NSPs, including the construction of the Sigli Toll Road, the Trans Sumatra Toll Road, the construction of high-speed train tunnels and the Cisumdawu Toll Road. In addition to that, the explosive performance was also proven to be brilliant in the construction of the Pamukkulu Dam, Batang Toru Hydroelectric Power Plant, and various other NSPs throughout Indonesia,” concluded Mr Yusuf.