PT DAHANA again held the Friday Blessed Movement, this time carried out in collaboration with Al Akhdar mosque council, Tatali Wargi and the Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit by supplying basic necessities and charity to 95 orphans around the DAHANA Jakarta Office on November 3, 2023.

Icha Mustika representing the Al Akhdar mosque council said that the Blessed Friday Movement was a routine activity carried out by Al Akhdar mosque council to increase DAHANA’s community. In addition, this event is a form of the Company’s commitment to mutual progress and development with the surrounding community.

“In this Friday Blessed Movement, we supplied basic necessities and cash donations from the mutual cooperation of all DAHANA people to orphans in three orphanages, namely the Tebet Orphanage, the Indonesian Orphanage, and the Mizan Amanah Tebet Orphanage ,” said Miss Mustika.

Miss Mustika added that the selection of orphans as beneficiaries of the current movement was the fact that they are Indonesia’s future generation who need more attention. In addition, in view of Islamic teachings, providing compensation to orphans has its own noble value.

Meanwhile, Soffia Mustikasari representing Tatali Wargi DAHANA added, as being mothers who have children, the Tatali Wargi extended family has deep sympathy for orphans. She said that the entire community and DAHANA people must work together to provide assistance to orphans for the latter’s empowerment and independence.

“Thank God, today Tatali Wargi was able to be involved in the Blessed Friday Movement activities initiated by Al Akhdar mosque council. We would like to thank all DAHANA employees and SEE units who have provided donations. Hopefully today blessed Friday program GJB can be beneficial for the orphans and bring blessings to donors,” said Miss Mustikasari.