The 71st  Indonesia’s  Independence Day celebration was well welcome by all the elements of community, including the State-owned Enterprises, which currently comes with the tagline  ‘State-owned Enterprises for the Country”.

Participating in the celebration, PT DAHANA (Persero), one of  State-owned Enterprises operating in production explosives, organized a ‘5-K Walk’ in the Regency of Subang, where DAHANA’s head-office is located. The walk and series of related activities attracted hundreds of participants originating from the Sadawarna village people and students in addition to the regency officials and DAHANA’s employees.    

The walk started in from of the Sumurbarang Management Office. PT DAHANA (Persero)’s President Director, Budi Antono, officially made the walk kick-off by raising the start flag. All the walk participants in red-white t-shirts made their way through DAHANA plantation area, continuing  along the Dukuh village road, rubber plantation and finally to the DAHANA football field to reach the finish line. DAHANA’s directors were seen among the walk participants.

Apart from commemorating the country’s 71st  independence, the walk was also a part of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s 50th anniversary celebration. “This is how we extend our gratitude. Allow us to thank everyone; employees, the community and other stakeholders for making DAHANA as it is now,” said Budi Antono while giving his welcoming address. To make the celebration even merrier, lucky dips and prizes were made available where participants could help themselves for free delicacies prepared by the local hawkers (SYA).