In commemoration of 71st Indonesian Independence Day, Woman’s Association of Ministry of State-owned Enterprises held a Blood Donation event on August 1, 2016 on 21st floor of the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises Building, under the theme ‘Your Blood Saves Others”. 

Officially opened by the Minister of State-owned Enterprises, Rini Soemarno, the blood donation was attended by some 250 donors. The Minister, was the first to donate her blood, followed by some officials and employees at the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises as well as some representatives of State-owned Enterprises offices.

The donors’ enthusiasm was seen as early as 7.30 in the morning. The venue was packed by queues of donors. PT DAHANA (Persero), a state-owned enterprise which produces explosives was also participating in the blood donation event.

“DAHANA sent blood donation representatives from its Jakarta Representative Office,” said Didik Dwi Cahyono, Head of Dahana Jakarta Representative Office, right after donating his blood. 

“I regularly participate in such a blood donation event. Apart from helping fellow humans, blood donation turns out to be beneficial for your health. You will find yourself fitter and fresher,” added Didik who belongs to A-blood group. 

The Blood Donation event is one of yearly agendas of Woman’s Association of Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises as a form of the ministry social contribution to the country, in line with the tagline “State-Owned Enterprises for the Country” (aan)