PT DAHANA (Persero)

No. 42/SP.DHN/IX/2021


Jakarta, September 8, 2021. Johnex Explosives Australia settled 4th order of explosives from DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC)’s Emulsion Cartridge. Delivery will be made on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 from Tanjung Priok Port to Queensland-Australia Port Alma.


According to PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Director of Operations Bambang Agung, this year’s export is DAHANA’s another achievement during the current pandemic situation.


“Successful export for the fourth time, of course, did not just happen. This was a result of the DAHANA’s Australia consumers ‘ trust in the quality of DAHANA’s explosives,” explained Mr Bambang Agung in Jakarta (08/09/2021).


The fourth time export  shows that consumers in Australia are very satisfied with DAHANA’s explosives products, with the consistency of quality and processes carried out by DAHANA, so that consumers make repeated purchases up to four times in very large quantities.


DAHANA Emulsion Cartridges offer advantages of very high quality standards, where products are manufactured using the best raw materials, very precise production processes and high quality control.


In addition to the quality, the packaging, pallet work and wrapping processes are also carried out in a very careful way, including clean container washing and fumigation at the end of the stages according to Australian standards.


During the process, DAHANA involves the consumers (Johnex Explosives) to carry out Quality Control through online meetings to make sure that quality can be guaranteed in accordance with the customers’ demand.


“Our team has been trained very well and we can say that this team is an export-class production team,” said Mr Bambang Agung.


Meanwhile, according to Johnex Australia’s representative in Indonesia, Benny Benyamin, for the fourth order, he imported 250 tons of Cartridge Emulsion from DAHANA. This is due to the higher demand in all states in Australia. In addition, the demand is also because of excellent performance of DAHANA’s products that simply surpass its competitors.


“The demand keeps increasing, because, firstly, the number of users is increasing, secondly because of the excellent performance of DAHANA’s Emulsion Cartridge. That the reason for the repeat order. DAHANA competes with similar products from neighboring countries, but DAHANA is able to outperform their products with better performance,” said Benny.


The overseas customers’ trust has further strengthened DAHANA’s existence in Australia, which is one of the mecca of mining, particularly in terms of explosives. To date, Johnex Australia has imported hundreds of tons of DAHANA Emulsion Cartridges for use in Australian mining areas.


“We hope that in the future, we will deliver not only cartridge emulsion products but also other explosive products demanded by Australian Explosives Market, including expansion of cooperation in blasting services and marketing assistance for prospective mining consumers based on an Australian parent company operating in Indonesia,” said Mr Bambang Agung.



July Jajuli

Public Relations & Institutional Manager

PT DAHANA (Persero)


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