PT DAHANA won “The Most Entrepreneurial SOE” silver award for the category of SOEs Subsidiary, at the SOEs Entrepreneurial Award 2022. This prestigious event was organized by MarkPlus in the Jakarta Marketing Week series and held at the Grand Atrium & Mosaic Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta, Wednesday, 18 May 2022.


SOEs Minister Erick Thohir expressed his appreciation to SOEs, Regional-owned Enterprises and related subsidiaries which received an award from MarkPlus. According to him, the annual MarkPlus event is a prestigious event for Indonesian Marketers. Apart from that, this event is a form of MarkPlus’ appreciation to SOEs that have successfully implemented digital transformation into their marketing strategies.


“Congratulations on the holding of this SOEs Marketing Day and SOEs Entrepreneurial Marketing Awards 2022. This year is the 10th year. We see this activity as a form of appreciation for the work of SOEs and Regional-Owned Enterprises,” said Minister Thohir.


Minister Thohir also conveyed that currently the core issue of SOEs marketing is the agents of change who have the mandate to convey success stories to remote parts of the country telling others about efforts for transformation starting from health recovery, economic recovery, energy creation, strengthening digitalization, creativity, and leadership, to make Indonesian SOEs advanced and prosperous.


PT DAHANA’s Director of Operations, Bambang Agung, became the company’s representative to receive the award from MarkPlus.  In his speech he stated that DAHANA is currently returning to its proper performance, becoming a healthy and advanced company, and bringing benefits to Indonesia.


Apart from that, this SOEs Entrepreneurial Award 2022 is a present for all DAHANA people who have maintained good relations with consumers, performed their duties well in the field, and worked hard to make DAHANA earn the full trust of customers.


“As DAHANA’s people, we must be proud and ready to maintain and improve performance. DAHANA be Excellent,” said Mr Agung.