In observation of World Environment Day, The Subang Regental Office for the Environment held related ceremony and events at the Subang Regent Office a day ahead of the World Environment Day, 5 June 2018.  The ceremony was attended by some public servants, cleaners, nature lovers communities and company’s representatives.

Subang Regent, Ating Rusnatim led the ceremony. During his speech, he pointed out that the observation of the environment day should serve as a momentum to continuously socialize the importance of conservation, sanitation and the environment.

“Conserving the environment should be our common awareness, not to mention that we shall get the Adipura Award again; we must work hand-in-hand. Environment conservation is our common responsibility,” said Ating.

The government of Subang Regency also delivered some appreciations to institution, companies, communities and  individuals who have demonstrated significant efforts and activities for conservation of the environment.

One of the recipients of appreciation was PT DAHANA (Persero). This company which is in the east part of the Subang Regency was considered to have a good conduct for conserving the environment.

The Company’s environment conservation program has not come as ceremonials, rather a company’s vision with the ‘Green’ concept program.

The award was directly delivered by Subang Regent to PT DAHANA (Persero) which was represented by Juli Jajuli, Manager of Public and Institution Relations (Sya).