PT DAHANA (Persero) won the 1st Place of the Mandiri Runners Challenge Vol. 01 SOEs-AKHLAK. This competition was held from 17 to 31 July 2021, with 80 participants from 14 state-owned companies and more than a total of 6,000 km total distance traveled by all participants.


This success was warmly welcomed by the President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Budi Antono who is also the coach of the Dahana Running Community.


“It’s just great. As a senior runner I am proud of the achievements of Dahana Team. Hopefully it can come as inspiration for other DAHANA employees in implementing SOES moral values,” explained Budi Antono.


The MR Challenge was organized to commemorate one year of SOE AKHLAK (1 July 2021), as an effort to support the implementation of AKHLAK Core Values ​​in every SOE. Each runner participating in this event is expected to become an “influencer” in each company to always apply the ​​of AKHLAK Core Values in serving the country.


Assessment of event MR Challenge Vol. 1 is based on the neatness of each SOE’s representative while running and forming the letters A-K-H-L-A-K, the total distance of kilometers reached, and the frequency of activity. DAHANA runners outperformed 13 other SOEs with a distance of 1,555.32 km, followed by Pertamina runners who assumed a total distance of 1,536.93 km.


According to a participant from DAHANA runners Faridz Miftah, this activity is an event for gathering and encouraging sports as well as participation in commemorating one year of SOEs AKHLAK, to make sure that hat the Core Values ​​of AKHLAK are increasingly embedded in every SOE employee. His success with the team also hs given him pride.


“Happy happy happy, of course. During the pandemic like now, it’s really necessary to be happy to help maintain our immune system. It is the highest appreciation for the Dahana Runners team who have worked hard for the past two weeks to reach 1,555km. Wow, I am enormously inspiration, especially by the Core Values ​​of AKHLAK that can be instilled in each of us,” said Faridz.


The winning the MR Challenge SOEs-AKHLAK,  Faridz was accompanied by Rafizar Syahban, M. Helmi Faisal, Andi Sanusi, Rosidta Aliandawati, and Euis Rosita. With this this victory, Faridz also invited all DAHANA’s members to remain consistent in exercising the 3M (starting with small steps, starting in the surrounding environment and from now on keep moving), in addition to sticking to 3M (wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands).


DAHANA Running Community itself has a running schedule that has been in place for a long time. Each month  DAHANA runners hold the Jumla (Running Friday). Meanwhile, every week we run together at the Subang Campus on Tuesday, and the Jakarta Office on Wednesday. (yz)