Owing to its contribution to the development of Subang Regency, PT DAHANA won an award in  Jawara Niaga category at the Subang CSR Award 2021 from the Subang Regency Government. The award ceremony was held on March 24, 2022 at Fave Hotel Subang.


DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary, Bayu Anggoro, who was present at the event, said that he was grateful for the award from the Subang Regency Government. DAHANA is committed to becoming a company which advances and develops together with the surrounding community, especially the people in Subang Regency.


“On behalf of the company, we would like to thank you for this award. As a state-owned company headquartered in Subang Regency, our Social and Environment Responsibility program is committed to advancing together with the people of Subang Regency, especially in terms of education and the local economy,” said Mr Anggoro.


In 2021 while people were forced to live a difficult life because of the Covid-19 pandemic, DAHANA was always present for the people of Subang by distributing basic food assistance, masks, and capital assistance to the MSMEs of Subang community.


In early 2021, DAHANA sent its foster partner Hofland Coffee to an international coffee exhibition at the World Trade Center Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After a few months, Hofland Coffee exported 18 tons of Arabica Java Preanger Coffee to Saudi Arabia.


In view of education, DAHANA actively provides facilities and funds to communities around the company, such as the provision of an Edu Park Nursery that can be benefitted as a laboratory for Agricultural Vocational School students, Taman Canda which offers reading materials facilities, and some educational aids for Subang students.


DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility’s has performed well in Subang Regency, making the explosives company trusted as the Chair of the Subang Regency Social and Environment Responsibility Forum. Apart from the Subang CSR Award, DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility work has also been recognized by various parties, such as the two 2021 Top CSR Award awards organized by the well-known business media, Top Business.


Meanwhile, the Regent of Subang, Ruhimat  conveyed in his speech that the Subang CSR Award 2021 activity is a form of appreciation from the Subang Regency Government to Subang Regency’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners, who have contributed to the people of Subang Regency in 2021.


“I am inviting all parties to work together to accelerate development to realize Subang Jawara. I also thank PT DAHANA, BJB, and Bank Subang  for supporting this activity. It is my hope that PT DAHANA, BJB and Bank Subang and their business will be more successful and more beneficial for the people of Subang in particular, and the nation in general,” said Mr Ruhimat.