PT DAHANA again received two awards namely TOP CSR 2022 # Stars 4 and TOP LEADER on CSR Commitment 2022 for DAHANA’s President Director, Wildan Widarman at the Top CSR Awards 2022. DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary Bayu Anggoro representing the company received both awards at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.


Mr Anggoro said that this year’s Top CSR award shows that DAHANA’s management’s commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility activities related to the company’s business is both very high and sustainable which is well recognized and appreciated by many.


“We have two Social and Environmental Responsibility priority programs, in the environmental side by engaging in reforestation, as well as leveraging the business of our foster partners to exports. Both have adopted the Creating Share Value (CSV) program, which has high value for the company. DAHANA takes part in environmental conservation and improves the people’s economy to help the latter resume normal business operation amidst the pandemic,” said Mr Anggoro.


The Chair of the 2022 Top CSR Award Committee, M. Luthfi Handayani said, this year’s assessment was based on the current level of CSR, regardless of the type of business sector, and the reasons for its implementation (success due to company’s regulations or initiatives). The assessment criteria included alignment of CSR initiatives with the company’s business strategy, the level of adoption of CSR policies and programs made to the provisions of ISO 26000:2010 Social Responsibility.


“Apart from that, the assessment refers to the CSR governance system, the level of CSR adoption of the CSV concept, and undertaking of superior CSR that stands as an example or recommendation for other companies,” said Mr Handayani.


To date, DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility unit  is regarded to have carried out various sustainable initiatives in accordance with the company’s business strategy. From 2021 to early 2022, DAHANA planted mangroves along the northern coastline of Subang, and the Social and Environmental Responsibility team has also succeeded in enabling its fostered partners to export their MSME products.


The company engaged in the explosives industry has never been absent from the Top CSR Award events held by the Top Business media. This suggests that the company’s commitment to the use of CSR funds is not merely dedicated to completion of its responsibilities, but also to its commitment to moving forward with the community in a sustainable manner.