DAHANA won the 2nd place for 2024 Best Subholding SOEs 2024 – Assets of Rp2.5 trillion to <Rp5 trillion in the Corporate Brand category. The award was received by Corporate Secretary Ahmad Fachruddin during the 13th Infobank-Isentia Digital Brand Recognition 2023 event which was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Monday, April 1, 2024.

Mr Fachruddin said that the award was the result of good collaboration from various parties, including the Board of Commissioners, Directors, management, all DAHANA people, and even consumers who remain loyal to DAHANA’s progress.

“We are grateful and would like to thank all parties who have supported DAHANA’s growth so that it has achieved good performance to date,” said Mr Fachruddin.

DAHANA has been actively utilizing various digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Web, and news portals. All of the Company’s digital platforms are packed with content from company activities, including promotions of explosives products from DAHANA.

DAHANA also continues to carry out various kinds of digital transformation to make the Company’s business processes easier, such as by building E-Ticketing and HSE applications that make it easier for employees to lodge report on Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment, as well as build Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) applications and Dashboard Management System (DMS) for easier decision making.

Meanwhile, Infobank President Director Eko B. Supriyanto said that the industrial world is currently entering Revolution 5.0 where digitalization is becoming a business trend in various industrial sectors. This must be collectively understood, and company leaders are also required to be intelligent and observant in formulating business direction, vision and strategy. Mr Supriyanto also congratulated DAHANA for the achievement.

“Infobank Media Group congratulates and highly appreciates DAHANA for successfully achieving this proud achievement,” said Mr Supriyanto.