PT DAHANA is again holding the Gema Ramadan 2024 program, this time by donating basic food packages to members of the Indonesian Blind Association (PERTUNI) of Subang Regency. The basic necessities were given directly to the PERTUNI District Branch Council (DPC) Management office in Subang on Monday, April 1, 2024.

Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit, Eman Suherman, said that this basic food sharing activity was a form of DAHANA’s concern towards fellows with vision disability, especially those in Subang Regency.

“Hopefully this basic food package can bring happiness to our fellows with vision disability who are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. We also ask for your prayers so that DAHANA can progress and develop further can share more in the future,” said Mr Suherman.

DAHANA’s relationship with Pertuni Subang has been around for a long time. DAHANA is listed as one of the companies involved in renovation of the shelter for the blinds as well as the secretariat of the Subang Regency Pertuni. In addition to that, DAHANA has provided assistance several times to those people with vision disability.

During the Ramadan 2024, DAHANA has delivered assistance in the form of cash allowance and communal fasting events with orphans in various foundations, assistance to places of worship, distribution of takjil (snack for breaking fast) packages to the community, training for MSME partners, and supply of basic food assistance to those in need.

Mr Suherman also said that apart from Gema Ramadan 2024, DAHANA’s SER is also holding a free homecoming event with DAHANA which is planned to take place on Friday, April 5, 2024. He said that all of these activities are a form of the Company’s commitment to progress and development with the surrounding community.

“As one of the largest companies in Subang Regency, DAHANA is committed to progressing and developing together with the community. DAHANA always takes active participation in environmental, social, educational and economic activities for the community, simply to make sure that the company can receive blessings and at the same time bring blessings to others,” concluded Mr Suherman.