PT DAHANA won the TOP CSR AWARDS 2023 #STAR 4 award and TOP LEADER ON CSR COMMITMENT 2023 for President Director Wildan Widarman. The award was received by the Head of Social and Environment Responsibility (SER) unit of PT DAHANA Eman Suherman at the Top CSR Awards 2023 event which was held by Top Business Magazine at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday 7 June 2023.

The President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman expressed his gratitude for the hard work of all DAHANA people. He also explained that the Company from the top management level have a high commitment in term of CSR. As a mecca for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA does not intend to advance alone as a company, but also develops with the community.

“Thanks God, DAHANA again won two awards from the Top CSR Awards. This is a mandate to always do the best for the community. As a company, DAHANA cannot grow alone, it must be present with the community to progress and develop. With AKHLAK’s values, we remain committed to running a sustainable Social and Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Shared Value (CSV) program,” said Mr Widarman.

The President Director of DAHANA also added that DAHANA has priority CSR/SER programs in the environmental sector. This priority which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) is also proof of the company’s green commitment. Since the beginning of the time the Company moved to Subang, DAHANA built the Central Management Office building with a platinum level green building certificate.

In addition, DAHANA is also actively carrying out reforestation by planting trees in various areas, especially in Subang regency. DAHANA’s tree planting program makes sure that only plants with major impact on the community are selected, such as mangrove trees for the north coast of Subang which is intended to minimize the impact of sea tides on the economy of coastal residents. Apart from that, DAHANA provided productive trees to be planted along Subang urban roads.

Mr Widarman emphasized that DAHANA’s environmental program was not only made in the context of reforestation, but also with consideration about the impact on the people’s economy, such as the latest program collectively undertaken by DAHANA and Defense Industry SOEs holding DEFEND ID, namely giving and planting sugar palm trees for Cibeusi Subang Villagers. The palm trees are expected to be able to improve the local economy.

Meanwhile, in the economic development sector, DAHANA is committed to providing capital loans to MSME players around the Company. In addition to provision of capital loans, DAHANA also organizes training, topics which ranges from packaging to export training. Now several of DAHANA’s fostered partners have succeeded in penetrating the world market.

“Once again, we express our deepest gratitude to the organizers for the appreciation given to us. Hopefully this award can be a reminder for us to continue to do and provide the best for the community,” said Mr Widarman.

As quoted from Top Business, Top CSR Awards #Star 4 are given to companies that have a “VERY GOOD” level, especially related to CSR Alignment with the Company’s Business Growth Strategy, with CSR Initiatives that adopt CSV (Creating Shared Value), and ISO 26000 SR and whose most of its programs support sustainable business growth strategies.

Meanwhile, the Top Leader on CSR Commitment is an appreciation for the Top Leaders in the company, who are considered to have a high commitment in supporting the system comprehensiveness, governance, and the successful implementation of CSR in the company. The policy system, governance, and the success of CSR in the company will be difficult to implement effectively if the Top Business Leader is not highly committed to the implementation of CSR.