SURABAYA – PT DAHANA won an award at 8th annual Jamboree of PR Indonesia (JAMPIRO) in 2022. PT DAHANA’s Senior Manager of Legal & Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli, was awarded with the Bronze Winner of PR Indonesia 2022 in the category of SOES, Sub-category of General Manager Public Relations. The awarding was held on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at the Empire Palace Building, Surabaya.

In his remarks, PR INDONESIA founder and CEO Asmono Wikan assessed that currently PR practitioners have been able to articulate their position in various communication programs in their respective corporations/institutions. This is important as according to the man who is a member of the Press Council, without good understanding of the position and function, PR personnel cannot face the challenges ahead. Asmono believes, that comprehending their position well, they are able to play a strategic function as PR personnel in management.

“If you highlight the dynamics that will be faced next year, everybody agrees that next year will not be an easy year. In the context of communication, PR practitioners play a role in building optimism by means of cool communication, yet stay focused and adaptive to change,” said Mr Wikan.

Mr Jajuli agreed with this. He said that the communication challenges that public relations practitioners will face in the future are not getting any easier. Under the disruption, it requires communication practitioners to be observant to identify the correct tool to be used for the given gaps so that communication becomes effective and on target.

“Especially with DAHANA’s unique business, explosives. Of course, special methods are also required that should be different from that of the companies which produce consumer goods,” explained Mr Jajuli.

Up to the present time, DAHANA’s PR has produced innovative communication products, such as website contents, social media, marketing tools, to the D60D program, aka short 60-second videos with special themes.

“Thank God, this achievement has been achieved with the help of various parties, particularly from DAHANA’s PR partners and also the full support from management for the communication programs that have been implemented so far in the field of high-energy materials; and supporting to the disclosure of public information as stipulated in the legislation,” concluded Mr Jajuli.