SUBANG – The Ministry of Defense of Indonesia’s neighboring country Brunei Darussalam visited PT DAHANA. The meeting, which was facilitated by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, took place at the DAHANA Central Management Office, Subang. The delegates were welcome directly by the Director of Technology and Development of PT DAHANA, Suhendra Yusuf RPN on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

During his remarks, Mr Yusuf expressed his respect for visit of the Brunei Darussalam Ministry of Defense entourage. He also explained that DAHANA is currently a member of the Indonesian Defense Industry SOEs holding DEFEND ID, where DAHANA is assigned to meet the needs of national Defense and Security Equipment and Apparatus (Alpalhankam) in the field of high energy materials.

“We would like to welcome and  express our gratitude for the visit of the delegates of the Ministry of Defense of Brunei Darussalam, and  the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia who has facilitated this meeting. Hopefully that this meeting will be followed by a cooperation that can be established between DAHANA and the Ministry of Defense of Brunei Darussalam,” said Mr Yusuf.

Following the inauguration by President Joko Widodo in April 2022, DEFEND ID, led by PT Len Industri (Persero), and consisting of PT PINDAD, PT PAL Indonesia, PTDI, and PT DAHANA, continues to collaborate with various parties, both with national and foreign partners to realize the vision of becoming a Top Global 50 Defense Company and a player in the global defense industry supply chain.

Mr Yusuf added that currently DAHANA’s business is supported by services and commercial explosives products that have been trusted by consumers throughout Indonesia and regularly exports to various countries. The explosives facility at DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) is also dubbed as  the most comprehensive in the ASEAN region.

DAHANA adopts the principle of dual-use technology in its business, namely providing explosives for commercial and military purposes. In the military field, EMC DAHANA has succeeded in creating several defense products such as P Series Bombs, Defense Rockets, Smokeless Propellant Rockets, Counter Tank Weapons, Rhan 122B Launching Vehicles, to making Loitering Munitions under the brand name of Rajata.

This was welcomed by the leader of the delegates of from the Ministry of Defense of Brunei Darussalam, Colonel (Retired) Norsuriati binti Haji Sharbini who also served as Permanent Secretary (Policy, Finance and Administration) of the Ministry of Defense of Brunei hoped to cooperate with PT DAHANA, and also prayed that DAHANA will continue to advance and develop in the future, and can become a well-known defense industry in the world.

“Hopefully DAHANA will be more well-known in the future, and become the world’s top defense industry. Thank you all for accommodation to us while here. Once again, congratulations and success for PT DAHANA,” concluded Colonel Norsuriati.

This meeting was also attended by Brigadier General (TNI) Steverly C. Parengkuan, who is Director of International Defense Cooperation, Directorate General of Defense Strategy of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense; Colonel Sugeng HY (Head of Sub-Directorate of Asia Director of International Defense Cooperation, Directorate General of Defense Strategy of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense), and Colonel Dodi Suhardiman, Indonesian Defense Attaché to Brunei Darussalam. After the welcoming ceremony on campus, the Ministry of Defense delegates had the opportunity to visit the EMC DAHANA area, and continued with the exchange of souvenirs.


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