Tens of Indonesia’s air force soldiers paid a visit to PT DAHANA (Persero) Campus. The visit of Students of Skadik 303 TNI AU was done on Tuesday and Wednesday, 23 to 24 July 2019. During their stay in Dahana, they learnt about explosives and the history of DAHANA.

In historical view, DAHANA is an inseparable part of the role of Indonesian Air Force. DAHANA pioneered in explosive industry starting with the Indonesia’s Air Force’s project in 1966 known as Project Memang, located in Tasikmalaya, West Java. In 1973, the project officially became a corporation under the name of Perusahaan Umum DAHANA based on the Government Regulations No. 36/1973 prior to its assignments as a Limited Liabilities company in 1991.
“Never leave our history. DAHANA’s embryo was attributed to Indonesian Air Force, therefore we have liven the air force’s role in our logo and design of buildings,” said Andri Kartiko, Senior Manager for Corporate Service during the visit.

After years and years focusing on commercial explosives, DAHANA started making military explosives. Military explosives product range from P 100 Live bombs for Sukhoi jet fighters and RHAN rocket and other military related products.

In order to materialize the explosive independence, Dahana has constructed an integrated area called Energetic Material Center (EMC) located in Subang Regency. Under the jargon Serving the Nation Better, Dahana is now constructing a 600 –hectare production facilities for both the commercial and military explosives.
“With DAHANA’s production facilities, DAHANA is encouraging the independence of national explosive industry in terms of meeting the need for both the military and commercial demands on explosives,” said Andri Kartiko.