PT DAHANA is included in the top three in the SOEs-MSMEs Business Matching in West Java Region through the Digital Market (PaDi) application developed by PT Telkom. The application is intended to accelerate MSME in the country. The event, which was opened by the Head of the West Java Cooperative and Small Business Service, Kusmana Hartadji, was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel Bandung, Thursday, March 2, 2023.

Mr Hartadji conveyed that West Java’s MSME has a sizeable potential and requires market alternatives such as PaDi. MSME digitalization is a must for MSMEs to develop further, and PaDi is the answer because of its competitive prices.

“There are obstacles in terms the prevailing cost system (other e-commerce) so far, which is quite burdening (management fees) for MSMEs,” said Mr Hartadji.

During the, West Java Province SOEs conducted business matching with West Java MSMEs with a transaction value of up to Rp. 238 million, of which DAHANA contributed Rp. 38 million and making it the second position of SOEs with the most transactions.

According to the Head of DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, the presence of PaDi is very helpful for fostered partners, as currently SOEs prioritize shopping at PaDi for MSME and Cooperative products. In addition, PaDi’s marketing has reach all over Indonesia.

Until now, there are nine DAHANA’s fostered partners who are members of the PaDi application and will continue to expand in order to get a wider market, so as to boost the foster partner’s economy.

“MSME products can be absorbed by SOEs through the PaDi application. This way MSMEs can increase their turnover. It is also easier for the SOEs to get products as they are located not far from the Company, and the fact that they offer competitive prices. This makes it easier for BUMN to move the wheels of the economy of the community around the company,” said Mr Suherman.

Mr Suherman also emphasized that DAHANA will continue to be committed not to the progress alone, but to progress and develop together with the surrounding community, both in terms of education, health, environment, and the economy of DAHANA’s fostered MSE partners.


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Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


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