National project for the construction of the Jakarta-Bandung Express Train has been massively and gradually executed. Construction work has been carried out at several point areas where land acquisition has been completed.

The express train construction process is performed by 7 contractors assembled in High Speed Railway Contractor Consortium (HSRCC) and will carry out construction at a length of 142.3 km, crossing 96 villages, 30 sub-districts, and 9 Districts/Cities from Jakarta to Bandung.

The route of this express train will cross several tunnels. The work of these tunnels is entrusted to the State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) PT DAHANA (Persero), as Wibowo Budi Santoso, Manager of Customer Relation Quarry Sector at Quarry Construction Division (DKK), revealed.

“Last November DAHANA has signed cooperation agreement with HSRCC Project Team Sinohydro Corporation Limited,” Wibowo said to Dfile.
With the signing conducted on November 5, 2018, DAHANA secured works of Explosives Material Supply, Delivery, Storage and Blasting Related Services. Wibowo elaborated some of DAHANA’s works in this express train project, namely:

  1. Magazines construction
  2. Permits handling
  3. Explosives materials supply
  4. Explosives materials transportation
  5. Tunnel blasting services
  6. Magazines management, security, police

DAHANA’s participation in this project, as Wibowo explained, is obtained by means of winning tender. Sinohydro, as one of HSRCC’s contractors apparently has known DAHANA quite well. This SOE has proven track record with excellent service level and competitive price in some of Sinohydro’s projects.
“DAHANA has been previously involved in Sinohydro’s projects such as Jatigedhe Project in Sumedang, Batangtoru (Sipirok) Project, Bahkarai Raya (Simalungun), and CFPP Minahasa (Sulut) Project,” Wibowo explained.

Currently DAHANA has commenced the construction of explosives magazine to be completed on the second week of January 2019. “After permit administration, mobilization of personnel, unit, and explosives by the end of March 2019, the first blast is targeted to be done in the first week of April 2019,” he uttered.

“Our nearest target is blasting for tunnel no. 4 with a diameter of 12 meters, width of 14 meters, and length of 1,300 meters. The other 2 face tunnels are also on preparation by HSRCC,” Wibowo added.

DAHANA’s involvement in this project strengthens its image as an SOE that is capable of providing tunnel blasting services which requires high technical skill and precision level while still putting safety as priority. (SYA)