The new semester of school academic calendar started along with the beginning of the year 2019. PT DAHANA (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise producing explosives domiciled at Subang District, distributed aid for education facilities to several schools in Subang District.

Three schools from two sub-districts in Subang District received DAHANA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) donation. They are State Vocational High School (SMK) Cibogo and State Junior High School (SMP) 1 Cibogo located in Cibogo Sub-district, and State SMP 1 Subang located in Subang Sub-district area.
Eman Suherman, Head of PKBL DAHANA explained that the donation they distributed for those three educational institutions was a realization of DAHANA’s concern on education in Subang Sub-district. More particularly, they contributed to the attempt of enhancing the schools’ quality and convenience.

“One of DAHANA’s CSR aids for the environment is to the education, therefore several education facilities took the aid from DAHANA,” Eman Suherman said.

The delivery of aid took place on January 9, 2019. Various types of aid were given in accordance with the requests and demands communicated to DAHANA from the recipient schools.

State SMK Cibogo received donation of sports equipment facilities to support students’ sports activities. State SMP 1 Cibogo took assistance for library facilities such as reading books, book shelves, and sponge carpets.

Surip Nuraidi, Headmaster of State SMP 1 Cibogo, said that DAHANA’s aid is expected to increase students’ reading enthusiasm and raise the number of visitors to the library.

“We are delighted and significantly helped by the learning facility aid in the library. More than that, we now have more in the library collection and the place is more comfortable, allowing us to provide better service to the visitors at State SMP 1 Cibogo,” said Headmaster of State SMP 1 Cibogo to Dfile.

Meanwhile, State SMP 1 Subang received the help of hydroponic facilities for the green house.

Eman Suherman told Dfile that in 2018 DAHANA has spent nearly half a billion Rupiah to aid education facilities and infrastructure.

“Last year, DAHANA allocated nearly Rp500 million fund for education,” he said. (SYA)