PT DAHANA (Persero) has sustainably taken necessary actions in developing its Management System. Currently, the explosives producing company is preparing application of integrated systems.

The integrated system was kicked off by President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero) Budi Antono  on Thursday, August 12, 2016 the DAHANA Central Management Office’s Training Center in Subang. The kick off was followed by a series of meetings and trainings attended by representatives of each working unit. 

Erwin Cipta Mulyana, Manager of Engineering and EMC Development stated that the training sessions were initial steps for preparation of development of the integrated management system.

Up to present time, DAHANA has been equipped with some management systems such as Quality Management System, Environment Management System, K3 Management System, Risk Management System, Energy Management System and Security Management System. 

“Update is a must as we currently have only an integrated system for Quality Management, K3 Management and Environment Management. We are going to integrate the three systems with the other available systems, into a newly integrated system. Once we have such integrated system available, all work instructions and other issues will be administers under a single system, “ said Erwin to Dfile (August 13, 2016).

Development process of the integrated system is projected to be finalized in six months. During the period, the team will hold necessary meetings and trainings in anticipation to implementation of the system. 

“We will no longer call it Quality Management System, K3 Management System and so on. Everything will be integrated under the name Sistem Manajemen DAHANA (DAHANA Management System), or shortened to SIMADA,” added Erwin.  (SYA).