SUBANG – In order to encourage a paradigm changed in terms of waste management, PT DAHANA works in collaboration with the Subang Regency Environmental Service, assisted by the Faculty of Engineering, Subang University, BRIN (National Board for Research and Innovation) Applicable Technology, and the Subang Regency Education Office, throws a Waste Management Innovation competition for high school students and the equivalent, as well as students/environmental activists throughout Subang Regency.

DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources, Ahyanizzaman said, this competition originated from the company’s concern over the increasing pace of development, population, industry and economic growth that triggered the level of waste production, yet not accompanied by awareness to innovate in waste management.

“The old paradigm of waste management with the process of collecting, transporting, and sending it to a Temporary Disposal Site (TPS) or Final Disposal Site (TPA) will lead us to bigger problems, such as inadequate waste disposal transport capacity, inadequate facilities, and land scarcity. disposal. As a state-owned company that carries a green concept, DAHANA is highly concerned on such issues,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman at Dahana Campus (04/08).

Mr Ahyanizzaman also hoped that, with this activity, the community, especially students as the next generation, will have the awareness of the need for innovation in waste management, and continue to care for the environment.

The Head of the Subang Regency Environmental Service, Hidayat, said the same thing. He quoted data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2021 which says that successfully managed waste amounted to 65.63% while the remaining 34.47% was left untouched. Innovations based on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) paradigm can turn the threat of waste into an opportunity that can even provide economic value to the community.

“Subang is predicted to become a new economic center along with the development of the Rebana area. Therefore, it is necessary for us to build awareness of waste management from an early age, so that it does not become a latent danger to society and the environment. We also hope that waste management innovations will open our eyes, that there is economic potential for the community when waste is managed properly,” Mr Hidayat said.


Mr Hidayat also emphasized that this program is part of implementation of waste management tasks in the Subang Regency area using a community approach and collaborative leadership.

Students and environmental activists throughout Subang Regency who come up with the latest ideas and innovations on waste management and are interested in participating in this competition are offered  prizes of million rupiahs. For more information, please download the following Guide to the Waste Management Innovation Competition :



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