PT DAHANA demonstrated its support to the West Java Mosque Youth Association (Irma) Jamboree by planting 1,000 trees on critical land around Madasari Beach, Pangandaran. The of planting is intended to regreen and preserve the environment while at the same time providing important lessons for the younger generation in building a character that cares about the environment.

A staff member of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SERL) Unit, Ruskalim said the planting is one of the Company’s real forms of support for the West Java Irma Jamboree, as well as a form of the Company’s green commitment in anticipation to the world’s climate crisis.

“We are committed to being actively involved in protecting and preserving the environment. The tree planting is our determined step in developing awareness of the importance of maintaining the continuity of life on earth,” Mr Ruskalim said.

The handover of forest perennials seeds was carried on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at Madasari Beach in Pangadaran. The 1000 seeds will be planted in critical land around the beach. 900 of the seeds are camphor, 50 trembesi, 40 eucalyptus, and 10 Indian almond.

The handover ceremony of forestry tree seedlings was attended by around 1000 participants from 300 schools and several figures and representatives, including the Deputy Governor of West Java, the Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office, representatives of the Pangandaran Regent represented by the Head of Social Welfare, representatives of KC DK Regions I-XIII, MKKS, accompanying teachers, as well as representatives of high schools.

The Coach of West Java Irma, Rifa Anggyana, accompanied by the Deputy Governor and Head of the Provincial Education Office, expressed his gratitude to PT DAHANA for their support in carrying out Irma Jamboree activities. They hope that this assistance will be a sustainable blessing and kindness for the environment.

“We hope that the tree planting carried out at the West Java Irma Jamboree will provide long-term benefits for the environment around Madasari Beach, Pangandaran, and also become an inspiration for the wider community to get involved in efforts to preserve nature,” said Miss Anggyana.

Separately, the Head of DAHANA’s SER, Eman Suherman, revealed that the Company will continue to be committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program. One of the priorities is environmental and educational issues. This tree planting program is a form of Company’s commitment.

“We are very proud to be able to participate in the West Java Irma Jamboree. Planting the tree is a manifestation of PT DAHANA’s commitment to supporting environmental preservation and environmental education for students. We hope that this activity can inspire the community, especially the younger generation, to become pioneers in preserving nature,” concluded Mr Suherman.