SUBANG – PT DAHANA held the Cheap Groceries Bazaar Program which was carried out at the same time as the DEFEND ID’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) collaborative program. The event was opened by DAHANA’s Director of Finance, Risk Management and HR Ahyanizzaman at the Al Akhdar Mosque Yard in Subang on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

In his remarks, Mr Ahyanizzaman said people will welcome Eid soon during which prices of basic necessities soar. As an explosives company headquartered in Subang, DAHANA always tries to help ease the burden on the people of Subang.

“Thank God, today, DAHANA will supply basic food packages to the surrounding community. We hope that these staple foods can be of help for the community in anticipation of this Eid al-Fitr 2023,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.

Head of DAHANA’s SER unit, Eman Suherman, added that the DAHANA supplied a total of 350 food packages each is worth Rp. 100.000. The package contains rice, sugar, cooking oil and tea bags. It is planned that 300 staple food packages will be distributed in Sadawarna Village, and the remaining 50 food packages in Tanjung Siang District together with the activities of the Regent Ruhimat.

110 out of the 300 packages will be distributed free of charge to extremely poor families at Sadawarna village, while the other 190 packages are available for purchase by the community around the company at a low price of Rp. 25.000,-.

Mr Suherman explained that all the proceeds from the sales of basic necessities would be forwarded to orphanages and disabled children in Subang Regency. Mr Suherman hoped that this activity can be a way of sharing happiness between DAHANA and the community.

“Under the theme of Ramadhan Sharing, PT DAHANA during the holy month of Ramadan shared happiness with the hope of easing the burden on the Community’s in terms procurement of basic needs. This activity is at least expected to help the people with the fulfilment of basic needs until the Eid comes, “said Mr Suherman.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications



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