In welcoming Eid al-Adha 1443 AH, and to strengthen the Company’s concern for the surrounding community, DAHANA distributed sacrificial animals to some locations around the Subang Central Management Office, and the Jakarta Office. The handover was carried out simultaneously on Friday, July 8, 2022.

DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communication, Juli Jajuli said, the handing over of the sacrificial cattle is a form of the Company’s concern for the surrounding community. As a state-owned company, DAHANA is committed to advancing and developing together with the surrounding community. The donation of sacrificial cattle is also expected to strengthen the Company’s relationship with the local people.

“This supply of sacrificial cattle to the community is a form of DAHANA’s concern and gratitude. Under such gratitude, we hope that in the future DAHANA will be even more advanced so that it can spread more kindness to the community,” Mr Jajuli said.

For the 1443 AH  Eid al-Adh occasion, DAHANA managed to obtain 17 sacrificial cattle consisting of 1 cow and 16 goats. Slaughter and distribution of beef was centered in DAHANA’s Al Akhdar Mosque, while goats were distributed to several villages around the company, and through several DAHANA partner institutions.

According to the Chairman of the DAHANA Sacrifice Committee, Andi Sanusi, these sacrifices originated from the Company and DAHANA’s employees, which had been collected some time ago. He expressed his gratitude to employees who entrusted their sacrificial animals to be given to the community through the company.

“We express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA’s employees and the company. It is our hope that with this sacrifice, we can learn and care for others, and make sacrifices for mutual welfare,” said Mr Sanusi.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Al Akhdar Mosque Council, Anwar Sanusi added, the sacrificial animals given through the Al Akhdar Mosque Council will certainly reach the community. Citing what Mr Jajuli had said earlier, Mr Anwar Sanusi also hoped that the Company would advance and develop, so that DAHANA could supply more sacrificial animals in the future.

“Hopefully, by organizing the distribution of sacrificial animals this year, in addition to increasing the piety of the donors, it can also increase a sense of concern for the community, and can bring DAHANA advance and grow more,” said Mr Anwar Sanusi.