For collaboration work to advance Subang Regency, the Subang Regency Environmental Agency paid a visit to PT DAHANA. The visit took place on Friday, July 1, 2022 at the DAHANA Central Management Office, in Subang, West Java.

In his remarks, DAHANA’s VP of Energetic Material Center, Benny Gunawan, said that the visit could strengthen the relationship between the Subang Regency Environment Agency and DAHANA’s Occupational Safety and Environment Unit. He also said that DAHANA was committed to sustainable reporting of environmental activities.

“It is our hope that this event can be a step for us to interact with each other, both in the fields of sports and science, especially the environment. With this gathering event, all issues, suggestions and inputs for DAHANA can be accommodated, and therefore hopefully it will bring progress to DAHANA in particular, and Subang Regency in general,” explained Mr Gunawan.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Subang Regency Environment Agency, Hidayat said that the collaboration with DAHANA is a blessing for the Subang people, especially in terms of environmental programs which DAHANA often assists through its Social and Environmental Responsibility unit (TJSL).

“In addition, DAHANA also often takes the role as the driving force for other SOEs to care for Subang Regency. DAHANA and DEFEND ID are one of the pioneers in planting mangroves on the north coast of Subang, as well as contributing to provision of 5,000 productive plants to Subang Regency Environment Agency in May in Talaga Sunda,” said Mr Hidayat.

As a state-owned company engaged in the high-energy materials industry, DAHANA has a focus on the environment, in addition to participating in providing plants and related equipment for maintenance. Internally, DAHANA has built a Central Management Office that is certified as green building, and is committed to continuously innovating in production of environmentally friendly explosives.

After listening to the remarks, the participants, consisting of DAHANA employees and the Subang Regency Environmental Service entourage went on physical work out event together, and cleaning of the roads around the company.