To help prevent tidal floods that often threaten people of Legon Kulon, Subang Regency, the Social and Environmental Responsibility Team (TJSL) of PT DAHANA (Persero) supplied jumbo bag sacks to be used as a barrier to the embankment. Supplies were handed over by Ajis Nurjaman representing DAHANA TJSL DAHANA to Ade Saputra representing Legon Kulon, Subang Regency on December 2, 2021.


Head of DAHANA TJSL Eman Suherman stated, as a state-owned company domiciled in Subang Regency, the Company would always try to help local residents to prevent and overcome floods. He also hoped that the people of Subang, especially those living in the northern coastal area, could increase awareness of flooding.


“We certainly hope that this jumbo bag aid can be best benefitted by the residents of Legon Kulon, Subang, for protection against tidal flooding which, in the past few years, had made residents panic and suffered heavy losses,” said Mr Suherman.


In addition to provision of assistance,  DAHANA TJSL which is also the coordinating institution for the Subang District TJSL Forum, has always been proactive in delivery of moral and material assistance to Subang residents, one of which was the moment of the big flood that hit Subang in 2020 and early 2021. DAHANA sent aid to various points in Subang Regency to help relieve the burden of residents affected by floods.


Meanwhile, Mr Saputra conveyed that the sacks, which made a total of up to 1 ton, would be used to build embankments to block seawater waves which often inundate residential areas and public facilities in the Legon Kulon area.


“Hopefully this can reduce the possibility of sea water rising into residential areas, which is often the case during the rainy season like today,” said Mr Saputra.


Last year, the tidal flood ran uncontrollable and left houses of residents around the Subang coastline to with severe tidal flooding where water as high as one meter made residents panic and suffer huge losses, either due to the stalled economic activity, or disconnected access to public facilities.


The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency reminded residents in the mid of last month on the possible rob to make sure that people around the northern coastline of the island of Java can anticipate the tidal water. High rainfall, strong winds, and rising sea levels can pose a flood threat to coastal residents.