DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit (TJSL) again gave out iftar packages for the people of Subang. The food packages that were purchased from DAHANA’s MSME partners were distributed around PT DAHANA’s Al Akhdar Mosque on Friday, April 22, 2022.


Head of  DAHANA TJSL Eman Suherman said that the delivery of iftar packages was carried out in in relations with the ‘On the Street Iftar Sharing (BUBOS) 6’ which was held simultaneously by all regencies and cities throughout West Java. This time, the iftar sharing carries the theme of BERGAYA (Sharing in Cultural Diversity).


“DAHANA has prepared and distributed Rantang Sapapait Samamanis (iftar hampers) to the people of Subang today, especially residents who were passing around the Al Akhdar Mosque in the DAHANA Campus area,” said Mr  Suherman.


Mr Suherman also continued that the iftar hampers originated from DAHANA’s fostered partners. He hoped that with such purchase, in addition to being able to share with the people of Subang, this activity can also bring fresh air to the economic improvement of DAHANA’s foster partners, which has been interrupted by by the Covid-19 pandemic for the past few years.


“Apart from that, we also hope that this can strengthen the sense of unity of the Indonesian people, especially in West Java and Subang Regency. We are able to share even though we are in very diverse cultures, and hopefully this activity will be useful both for recipients and the MSMEs which supplied the products, as well as for DAHANA itself in campaigning for the values ​​of collaborative working, especially since we are currently in this holy month of Ramadan,” said Mr Suherman.


DAHANA’s TJSL has been very active throughout this Ramadhan; several social activities have been intensively carried out by DAHANA such as distribution of iftar in mosques, donations as well as charity of Qur’an waqf and prayer equipment for orphans in several sub-districts of Subang Regency. ,


“The whole agenda is a form of the company’s concern for the community. DAHANA wants to be a company that progresses together with the community, especially those living around the company. It is our hope that the dreams can come true,” added Mr Suherman.